6dot™ Braille Labeler

6dot™ Braille Labeler

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Product Description

The 6dot™ Braille Labeler's feature-rich design has everything you need to produce high quality Braille labels in any language.  Powerful but simple, the 6dot's ergonomic design makes it user-friendly for kids and adults alike.  Throw it in a bag, take it with you, and start labeling.

Built in -- no scissors required. Adhesive backing is easy to remove -- just pull back the tab at the end of your label!

Power Steering
Responsive buttons: even the lightest touch on it's keyboard produces great results.

Battery Operated
Move from room to room without having to plug in.

One pound, with a smooth plastic shell that's pleasing to hold.

High Quality Braille
The 6dot™ labeler's sophisticated electronic printing mechanism creates crisp embossed Braille in an instant.  Treat yourself to clear, vivid labels so that you can access the things you need even quicker.

Use the 6dot™ labeler to print labels in any language that is compatible with the six-dot Braille system.  And don't forget music and math symbols -- the 6dot™ labeler can print those, too.

Lightweight and Portable
The 6dot™ labeler's small size and lightweight design makes it easy to transport.  Battery operation allows you to take the 6dot from the kitchen to the office to the garage without having to deal with cords and outlets.

QWERTY Keyboard
Plug the 6dot™ Braille Labeler into a QWERTY keyboard for another way to compose Braille labels. This capability makes the 6dot™ labeler perfect for users who are less familiar with Braille and still want to create high-quality labels.