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Experience your world with the new 6dot™ Braille Labeler.
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Label everything in 5 easy steps!

  • Simply Type Your Label
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Special Features

  • High Quality Braille

    The 6dot™ labeler's electronic embossing mechanism instantly creates crisp Braille. Enjoy clear, vivid labels and quickly access the things you need.
  • Multi-lingual

    Use the 6dot™ labeler to print labels in any language compatible with Braille. Don't forget music & math symbols - the 6dot™ labeler can print those, too.
  • Light & Portable

    The 6dot™ labeler's small, lightweight design makes it easy to transport. Battery operation lets you freely move the 6dot™ labeler from place to place.
  • QWERTY Keyboard

    Plug the 6dot™ labeler into a QWERTY keyboard and compose Braille labels. This option empowers Braille learners to create high quality labels.